Abbey Miller; Writer

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Abbey Miller

Abbey is a professional writer and shoe enthusiast in Columbus, Ohio. She was trained at The Ohio State University, and holds an honor degree in Communication with a minor in graphic design. After escaping the tyranny of office politics at her first job, she discovered the glamourous would of freelance journalism. When she isn’t writing about the life and times of the most interesting people she can find, she is busy living her own fairy tale, and hopes to move into her ‘castle’ in New York City, with her Prince Charming, Zachary.

Work in AMMO:
Q&A: Aimee Garcia – Women on Top Issue Fall 2011
Q&A: Rapper | K.Flay – Art + Music Issue Summer 2012
Q&A: Singer | Yuna – Art + Music Issue Summer 2012
Q&A: Esprit De Corps – Art + Music Issue Summer 2012

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