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Lavar Munroe | Gun Dogs @ Jack Bell Gallery

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Lavar Monroe "Gun Dogs"

Lavar Munroe will be hosting his third solo exhibition titled, “Gun Dogs,” at the Jack Bell Gallery in London, England. The exhibition opens today and closes on October 20th, 2017. In “Gun Dogs,” Munroe utilizes mixed media paintings and sculptures in order to explore the motifs of impermanence, memory, and the concept of heroics.

The term “gun dogs” is synonymous to attack dogs. Dogs have been used throughout history for purposes such as farm work, slave hunting, law enforcement, or personal protection. During times of slavery, dogs were also used to hunt, detain, and sometimes kill slaves. Munroe explores the theme and relationship between dogs and black individuals this new body of work. He also attempts to provide commentary on the notion of “animals as totems.” Greater questions that are dealt with “Gun Dogs” are: At what point does enforcement become a hunting exercise and to what extent are animals, and their owners, trained to associate a specific demographic as perpetrators?

Throughout the exhibition, viewers are put in the position of both the victim and witness to the vicious dogs and their attacks. To visit the exhibit and find out more, visit:

“Gun Dogs” by Lavar Munroe

October 3 – 20th, 2017.

Jack Bell Gallery

13 Mason’s Yard

St. James’s, London. SW1Y 6BU.

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