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Wanda Koop | In Absentia @ Night Gallery

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Wanda Koop "In Absentia" 1
Wanda Koop "In Absentia" 3

The Night Gallery recently opened the first American solo show for Canadian artist Wanda Koop, and will continue to show it until November 18th, 2017. In Absentia” explore the connection between urbanism and natural landscapes. Here, Koop references her memories of the New York skyline and in an interview is quoted saying, “There was no solid wall; it was floor-to-ceiling glass from one end to the other. I just started taking pictures and making drawings and I ended up filling all these sketchbooks… The morning after the day I arrived a hawk flew by. From where I was positioned, the sky was bigger than the city. There was nothing blocking my view. The whole thing was stupendous.”

This view became the primary inspiration for a series of paintings that showcase the skyline in stark, spare shapes. Through minimalistic, but reminiscent, techniques, the viewers is still able to discern foreground from background, solidity from void. Koop carefully balances abstraction with thoughtful composition to create a dynamic and indexical relationship.

Wanda Koop "In Absentia" 2

“In Absentia” by Wanda Koop

October 14th – November 18th, 2017

Night Gallery

2276 East 16th Street

Los AngelesCA 90021

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