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Brian Rochefort @ Van Doren Waxter

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Brian Rochefort's Sculpture

Brian Rochefort’s debut solo exhibition in New York will be showing at Van Doren Waxter from November 3rd to December 22nd, 2017. The exhibition will present new ceramic sculptures that have been inspired by Rochefort’s recent year-long travels throughout South and Central America, as well as Africa. It will be composed of 15 “craters,” each of which draw from his experiences while exploring the earth’s natural beauty. The craters replicate and embody volcanic landscapes, earthen depressions, remote tropical rainforests, and more.

Rocherfort utilized an additive and subtractive process where in each piece starts off as a large unfired work which is then smashed or broken apart, permeating a feeling of spontaneous uncertainty. These parts are then submerged in mud and clay, dried, and then fried over to add colour and build texture. In this exhibit, Rocherfort pushes the formal and technical confines of tradition ceramic practices and surpasses its limitations to explore freedom, invention, and play.

To find out more about the gallery and the artist, visit:


Van Doren Waxter

195 Chrystie Street

New York, NY 10002

Tel: 212-982-1930

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