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Tom Smith | Swimming in My Head @ Olsen Gruin

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Tom Smith 1

OLSEN GRUIN presents Swimming In My Head by NYC-based American artist, Tom Smith. The body of work opened on November 14 and will remain available for viewing until the 8th of January. For this exhibition, Smith showcases pieces that continue to explore the psychological power of color and light. Viewers can find some of his signature “Strip Paintings” (art pieces made by cutting and combining two different abstract paintings through thin strips in order to create on TV-lined distortion). However, Smith also pushes his boundaries in the majority of his new work by playing with size, technique, and complexity.

Using large-scale canvas, Smith paints with his usual palette of kaleidoscopic gradients and shapes. Additionally, he uses screen printing techniques similar to the op-art tradition. The depts of the base layers become obscured by this new layer, creating a psychedelic and surrealist medley of fragments. The forms and landscapes depicted are distorted, creating a non-sensical and beautiful wide screen image.

I’ve been watching Miyasaki’s films, which are full of beautiful, abstract moments, but they can also be scary. We don’t get to see the whole picture, only bits and pieces over time, while our minds are perpetually trying to make sense of it all”. – Tom Smith


Tom Smith 3
Tom Smith 3


Swimming in My Head by Tom Smith

November 14th, 2017 – January 8th, 2018

Olsen Gruin

30 Orchard St, New York NY 10002

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