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Paul Henry Ramirez | Fun in Color at Ryan Lee

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Paul Henry Ramirez
On January 6th, 2018, Ryan Lee Gallery will be opening an exhibition of new paintings, drawings, and sculptures by Paul Henry Ramirez. The exhibition show is titled Fun in the Color and will run until February 10th, 2018. Fun in the Color is an exploration of corporeal forms and processes through something Ramirez calls biogeomorphic abstraction. This term is meant to describe the artist’s particular blend of hard-edged and figurative abstraction.
Guiding viewers through space with architecture and color, Ramirez mimics a painting in his installations. This exhibition incorporates vivid colors, varrying sizes, and bold contrasts to evoke a playful, yet still minimal, experience. Ramirez masterfully balances between two opposites to create a lively harmony.

Fun in the Color by Paul Henry Ramirez
January 6 – February 10, 2018
Reception: Saturday, January 6, 4-6pm

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