Art Talk: Christiane Celle | Clic Gallery

Art Talk: Christiane Celle | Clic Gallery

clic-galleryimg2-72011Interview by Lauren Downing
Photos by Aurelie Graillot

What’s your AMMO?

Christiane Celle: Traveling, my children, books, looking at emerging photographers work and their enthusiasm.

How did you find your calling?

When my father bought me a Polaroid camera at age 13.

How have you come to set your gallery apart?

I wanted to have a welcoming space with new books arriving all the time, giving people a reason to come often. I didn’t want a typical, sterile gallery feel.

When did you decide to marry art with bookselling?

I thought it was a natural pairing from the beginning. Today many photographers put together books to support their work and to get their work into many peoples hands. It seemed easy and smart to combine the two.

clic-galleryimg-72011How do you curate a truly enviable collection of books? How do you curate an art show? How do you bring the two together?

We try to curate based on our client. We’ve found we have a large male clientele and fashion industry clientele. We look for gems that people would love to have.

What is your role within the New York gallery scene?

We don’t consider ourselves to be in the “gallery scene.” We are a commercial gallery and offer affordable art that can be taken home the same day. We tailor more to people who fall in love with a piece and want to live with it instead of buying something to gain value.

What would your dream gallery exhibition look like?

I’m really excited about our upcoming show – it’s a group of 12 international photographer, who each photographed a different city. I love the multicultural feel!

If you could have a first edition of any book, which would it be?

Robert Frank The Americans. It’ a beautiful classic book. I have always loved this book.

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