Bagger43 | Serene @ First Amendment Gallery (San Francisco)

Bagger43 | Serene @ First Amendment Gallery (San Francisco)

San Francisco-based artist Bagger43 will present a two-part solo exhibition of gouache and acrylic paintings, entitled Serene, at First Amendment Gallery. The first part comprises a collection of paintings of fictional landscapes, each piece depicting a sense of serenity and calm found in an idealized version of nature. In the second section, the artist creates portraits that are less thematically linked and are instead connected by their peaceful settings and color schemes. Each work in this part was also primarily painted at night or at dawn.

By focusing on harmony, Bagger’s pieces are cathartic yet don’t take their subject matters too seriously. He is not overly dedicated to exact representations and instead conveys broader themes. All in all, the series captures a sense of unadulterated freedom and relaxation that are irreplaceable in their fantastical nature.

The opening reception for Serene will be held on Saturday, Oct. 6.

Bagger43: Serene

October 6 – November 9, 2018

1000 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103