Brandon Landers — Aretha @ M+B (Los Angeles)

Brandon Landers — Aretha @ M+B (Los Angeles)

Brandon LandersThe Joys, 2019, oil on canvas, 69 x 95 inches

This Friday, June 21, M+B is opening Aretha by Brandon Landers. As a South Central native, Landers uses his art to depict aspects of his life growing up that he holds close to his heart. He is known for his intentionally textured and ‘messy’ approach with oil on canvas and his tendency to represent not just one memory, but a combination of them in a stylistic manner. Landers combines his own memories in such a way that it brings a wave of nostalgia to anyone familiar with his hometown.

Brandon Landers

June 21 — August 31 2019


612 N Almont Dr, Los Angeles CA 90069