Jake Troyli, The next best thing to Napoleonic, 2018

Brittney Leeanne Williams, Jake Troyli, and Bianca Nemelc — Show Me Yours @ Monique Meloche (Chicago)

Bianca Nemelc, Mujer Y el Agua #2

Monique Meloche is opening Show Me Yours on June 6. Featuring the works of up-and-coming artists Brittney Leeanne Williams, Jake Troyli, and Bianca Nemelc alongside with Cheryl Pope’s BASKING NEVER HURT NO ONE, Show Me Yours displays each artist’s personal spin on nude paintings. Williams does so with her use of unconventional color choices, body distortion, and surreal interpretations of her own personal background. Troyli subverts the category by inserting himself into humorous scenes while still using classical techniques to reflect on how he has taken up space in various environments. Nemelc depicts the body using natural forms, lines, and backgrounds to emphasize the unique feelings that nature evokes for her according to her family history and culture.

Show Me Yours

Brittney Leeanne Williams

Jake Troyli

Bianca Nemelc

June 6 — August 17 2019

Monique Meloche

451 N Paulina Street, Chicago, IL 60622