Cecilia Biagini | Crossing Lines @ Artemisa Gallery
Cecilia Biagini

Cecilia Biagini | Crossing Lines @ Artemisa Gallery


Cecilia Biagini is presenting an online solo show at Artemisa Gallery titled “Crossing Lines”.  Working freely within geometry, Argentine artist Cecilia Biagini explores the boundaries set between space and media, traditions and geography. In the artist’s work, the interaction between curved lines and blocks of colors create shapes and give them density. However, that same process dismantles the shapes rendering them shapeless and deconstructing them. This process shows the playfulness of the artist by first creating the standard shapes and then breaking the traditional forms to allow her art to transform into something else.

The exhibit is now showing until September 4th.

August 1st  – September  4th , 2018

Artemisa Gallery

Crossing Lines will be available online and by appointment from August 1st, until September 4th, 2018.


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