Cover: Mia Moretti | Party Issue | Spring 2013

Cover: Mia Moretti | Party Issue | Spring 2013


Artwork Credit: Artist Alex Bierk


Photography by Aviva Klein
By Kristina Pejovski
Shot at Lyons Wier Gallery (Chelsea)

Mia Moretti is a staple of the NYC party scene. She possesses an enigmatic air, capable of sending countless scantily clad models down a well- lit runway and enabling a surge of adrenaline to pulsate through the veins of nightlife enthusiasts. The harmonious landscape of tracks that is crafted behind her DJ booth is just one splendor this jack-of-all-trades garners. Her passion extends beyond music into an infused world of sartorial madness. She has even gone to collaborate on a capsule collection with designer, Pencey. The Spring 2013 collection evokes elements of the jazz-era, juxtaposed with effortless elegance and thoroughbred femininity. As for her personal style, Moretti’s closet runs the gamut. Jumpers reminiscent of the 90’s, floral printed tunics recalling the essence of spring, and colorful garments better reserved for the inside contents of a Crayola box make up Ms. Moretti’s finely tuned and powerful wardrobe.
We were curious as to what drives this young visionary, so we politely asked away. Here’s what she had to offer:

What’s your AMMO?
Handbags with eyes on them.

What is your abridged autobiography, prior to moving to NY? How did you end up in NY?
I grew up in the Bay Area, and moved to NY after school to change things up a bit. I wanted to live in a big city, and New York is the best city in the world, so that was an easy choice. I travel all the time, but there’s nothing like coming home to NYC, even if it’s just for a few hours.

What was your first job and what did you take from the experience?
I interned at MTV. I learned that artists work a hell of a lot more than you think they do.

What drives your artistic stimulation?
Life. The world. Looking down from an airplane and seeing all those tiny boxes, and thinking about what’s going on in each one; each little world.


Living in the midst of music has to have its perks, but what is the biggest challenge when it comes to DJ’ing?
Keeping my body clock ticking.

What is the most invigorating DJ set you’ve ever played?
Inside the Louvre in Paris. Whoa, what could compare?

Do you have a favorite way to work with music? Any warm-up strategies?
I just start and let the music carry me. DJ’ing for me is all about telling a story, following your instincts, creating something new every night.

Records or cds?

Discovering music is such an adrenaline rush. Can you recall an artist/album that has really changed your perspective on life?
Laurie Anderson. She’s not limited by anything that artists can be limited by when thinking about quote, unquote, Music. To her it’s a world and it has no boundaries.

Fashion is your bedrock. What propels your style and how many times has it changed?
How I feel when I wake up in the morning. How many times has it changed? It changes at least every day.

You seem to do some traveling. In your opinion, which city has the most invigorating and diverse style?
Paris. Anything goes.

Traveling allows for a lot of self-reflection. How much does travel influence your music and fashion choices?
A little, but it mostly comes from within. That specific mood I’m in that day. Of course shopping in different cities is definitely a major perk.

Name a few coveted destinations you have yet to explore.
I want to spend more time in both Buenos Aires and Tokyo. I felt perfectly at home in both those places, but would love a longer engagement.


Artwork Credit: Artist Anthony Mastromatteo and James Gortner (respectively)


You recently did a capsule collection with Pencey. Can you give us a glimpse of what we may anticipate for future collabs?
I would love to work with brands to re-release archive pieces. There is so much emotion in history.

How would you describe your design aesthetic, and how does it translate into other aspects of your life?
I would say it’s all the same. I like the word Organic because I think it means so many different things, but most importantly I think it describes something exactly true to what you are.

Any specific designers you’d like to work with? Who makes your heart swell with joy?
I like the crazy people. Miu Miu, Fausto Puglisi, Fendi, Dolce. Like I said before, someone who might put a pair of eyeballs on a handbag is someone I can get down with. Nicole Miller has a freakishly amazing archive closet that I’ve been lucky enough to rummage through from time to time.

When it comes to personal style, we love your affinity for all things 90’s. What’s your absolute favorite 90’s pastime?
Ying Yangs and incense.

What is one fashion era we could have done without?
None! We need them all!

What’s your most coveted go-to piece?
Maybe my Judy Garland Ferragamo platforms

Which clothing shops would we find you browsing in?
Opening Ceremony, Barneys CO-OP, Fabulous Fannys, Tokyo 7, Cloak & Dagger

What’s next for you?
The Dolls are releasing our second single “Summer of ’93,” along with a US tour this summer.

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All artists courtesy of Lyons Wier Gallery

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