Culturist: AMTRAC | DJ + Producer

Culturist: AMTRAC | DJ + Producer

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By Abbey Miller

What’s your AMMO?

When somebody says Louisville KY… electro music isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. What’s the electro scene really like in KY, and how did it become that way?
It’s actually pretty good. We’ve had the likes of Cassian, Chris Malinchak, Sammy Bananas, & In Flagranti come through here recently, thanks to the OKDeejays. I’d like to think those dudes have helped out tremendously in regard to building a scene in Louisville. In my opinion, what Louisville has is small but very good.

Where do you fit into that scene in KY, and the rest of the world?
I’m more of a sit in the studio at night kind of guy, rather than the nightlife persona. Not sure where I fit into the scene in KY, I try to push my sound in a different direction all the time. I don’t fit into just one scene. Thinking on a worldwide level, I think I fit in more overseas than in the US, being that the majority of the music I am fond of comes from all over the world, Berlin and Australia especially.

How did you decide being a DJ was what you wanted to do with your life? What was the journey like for you? Did you ever doubt yourself? Was there ever a moment you were sure you were going to fail or make it?
I never set out to be a DJ at first, but I did know I wanted to be a producer. I started out making tracks with various DAW’s around 2002. After tinkering around with that, I discovered I wasn’t able to get the sounds I wanted so I started buying equipment. Years later, I’m playing shows and touring around the US. Coming up there was always a feeling of “Is this gonna work?”. It turned out persistence was key, along with the complete support from my friends & family.

What’s the biggest misconception about you personally, DJs in general, and electronic music as a whole?
When people say “DJ’s don’t do anything” it drives me crazy. Although sometimes that may ring true, the majority of the time it doesn’t. Good DJ’s are few and far between nowadays, everyone is a DJ. With electronic music now breaking into mainstream, it’s hard to tell what will happen to dance music & in what direction it will go.

What were you doing the first time you saw Came Along debut on MTV Clubland?
We knew the air date, so me and my label mates we’re struggling through some David Guetta & Afrojack videos until it came on. It was a crazy feeling to see myself on MTV, because thats where I found out about The Chemical Brothers & Prodigy back in the day.. way back in the day, when MTV still played videos at regular hours.

As a songwriter, producer, DJ and so forth you’ve worn a lot of hats when it comes to making music. Who do you think is the unsung hero of the music industry?
Well, I think a DJ who is truly into what they’re doing can put on an amazing show. A band who has amazing chemistry, can put on an amazing show. A producer who can make the mix of everything sound just right is amazing. It all comes full circle for me.

I really loved your Chromeo remix… How do you pick which songs to remix and what is the creative process for actually creating the remix like for you?
Thanks! Nowadays I find songs I connect with, songs that move me in some way. Sometimes I would just remix a song to see what I could turn it into, I’m always stockpiling acapellas.

What is the most important part of making good electronic music? How do you personally approach making music?
The word “Analog” always comes to mind when thinking of my favorite records. I sit down in front of my computer and copy, paste, delete, edit, etc. until I come up with something that moves me or points me in the right direction. I rarely ever have an idea of how I want a song to sound prior to producing.

What would you say to a kid in his basement right now, who is trying to do what you do?
Keep it up & don’t be afraid to put your stuff out there, the only way to progress is to progress. I would recommend giving away free music as well, don’t come at it thinking about money.

What’s next for you?
Touring & Loads of new music.

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