Deborah Roberts | in-gé-nue @ Fort Gansevoort
ingenue by Deborah Roberts 2

Deborah Roberts | in-gé-nue @ Fort Gansevoort

in-ge-nue by Deborah Roberts

Recently opened at the Fort Gansevoort Gallery is the first solo exhibition in New York for Texas-based artist, Deborah Roberts. From November 9th until December 23rd, 2017, guests are invited to view Roberts’s newly produced works on paper and panel. This body of work focuses on the depiction of beauty, and more specifically on the depiction of beauty as it relates to self-image in black women.

Using found photographs, paintings, and drawings, the collages found in in-gé-nue, engage the image of a young girl whose naivety and innocence conceal her from visual culture while simultaneously making her vulnerable to its influence. Roberts touches upon “the notions of blackness, the dysfunctional legacy of color-ism, and the psychology of double consciousness that pervades the African American community.”

Additionally, the exhibition includes a series of hand-painted serigraphs that feature names that may be considered stereotypically “black” sounding. Roberts expresses a curiosity about names and the preconceptions they can bring about. In in-gé-nue, Roberts explores and inspects race, gender, and a number of identity positions.


in-gé-nue by Deborah Roberts

November 9th – December 23rd, 2017

Fort Gansevoort

5 Ninth Avenue

New York, NY 10014