Derek Fordjour — JRRNNYS @ Night Gallery (Los Angeles)

Derek Fordjour — JRRNNYS @ Night Gallery (Los Angeles)

Night Gallery is present a solo exhibition of new paintings and sculptures by Derek Fordjour, titled JRRNNYS. JRRNNYS is a advanced exploration on Fordjour’s earlier works, returning to the subjects of crowds and athletic competitions to illustrate the entrenchment of power relations, capital flows, and racial inequality within the social systems of the United States.

Some of Fordjour’s new paintings new paintings apart of JRRNNYS include “Two Party System,” which examines the cross-sections of society from political to athletic rivals, “Worst to be First,” a look into markers of societal achievement and exceptionalism, and “Anderson Marshall Grooming Salon,” where Fordjour offers his own take on the barbershop painting in homage to Hurvin Anderson and Kerry James Marshall.

However, the centerpiece of the exhibition is the immersive installation “STOCKROOM Ezekiel,” a work which takes its name from the 1884 letters of Ezkiel Archey, a 25-year-old unjustly imprisoned and sent to a labor camp. The walled-in structure contains of 1,000 individually constructed cells, organized with found and handmade objects. Lights blink on and off in each cell, and bursts of music — ranging from early field records from the 20th century to Trap music — can be heard, creating a scene that invokes the aspirational quests of poverty-stricken urban communities.

Derek Fordjour

February 2 — March 2, 2019 at Night Gallery

2276 East 16th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90021