Elle Pérez — from sun to sun (New York)

Elle Pérez — from sun to sun (New York)

16 pieces from New-York based photographer Elle Pérez are on view now at JCDeaux bus shelters across New York City. Meant to be seen on various individuals’ daily commutes, this public project brings thought provoking imagery to people’s everyday lives. The collection contains themes of coming together, crossing physical and societal barriers, and meaningful encounters between people. Meant to be seen together, these pieces are located in clusters so that they can be viewed in multiple parts of someone’s commute. This collection brings art to the public and harps on art’s ability to reflect and impact everyday people’s lives. 

Currently, these photographs are housed by bus shelters in Northern Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Upper Manhattan, and the Bronx, but are planned to expand to other parts of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, and Manhattan in the near future. 

Elle Pérez

from sun to sun

Public Art Fund

August 13th — November 24th, 2019

Pictured: from from sun to sun, Elle Pérez.