Event: The Mirror Cube — The Vision Series | LA Launch

Event: The Mirror Cube — The Vision Series | LA Launch

Energy was high last Thursday at the launch of The Vision Series hosted by The Mirror Cube — The Vision Series is a monthly short film series commissioned and curated by The Mirror Cube featuring visual artists, musicians, and film makers.

The first three films in the series were shown at the event on a large screen above the enthusiastic crowd. Filmmaker Natalie Neal’s ‘I Still Chose to Stay’ featured a young artist contemplating the unknown future of her relationship. Amanda Charchian’s untitled film was a surrealist psychedelic journey, shot on 8mm through colored plexiglass filters that altered the images — figures and landscape were juxtaposed to build a surreal language accompanied by instrumental song. The third film paired Rodrigo Amarante’s warm smokey voice with images of a dancer moving across the screen.

In addition to his film appearance Amarante also performed live for the crowd, serenading the audience while strumming his acoustic guitar. KaneHoller, an “electronic-soul duo” comprised of Chelsea Tyler and Jon Foster performed their eclectic mix of jazz, blues, and electronic music inspiring dancing throughout the venue. A DJ set by Kilo Kish played throughout the evening while artists and art lovers mingled and enjoyed the creative vibe.

The Mirror Cube is a website that provides daily updates on film, music, and art happenings in New York and Los Angeles. The Vision Series is only a small part of what The Mirror Cube does for artists and art lovers alike — according to Mirror Cube founder Jess Manafort:

“We started this site so that artists could support and promote other artists. We are so excited that The Vision Series will enable artists we believe in to make short films with total creative freedom. Art videos, music videos, narrative or experimental shorts- we want it all.”

All three films will debut on The Mirror Cube website this week. For more information on The Vision Series and The Mirror Cube please visit www.mirrorcube.com. You can also follow The Mirror Cube on Instagram @TheMirrorCube or Twitter @TheMirrorCube, #WTFCube.

Photos by Sandy Kim