#FrshAMMO: Jessie Reyez

#FrshAMMO: Jessie Reyez


It’s not often that a song stops you in your tracks. Nowadays the music community is so over-saturated the odds of finding genuine talent are slim to none. Every day hundreds of starving artists pour their hearts out to an audience that’s looking the other way. So how do you make it? How do you get the attention of the masses? The prototypical answer is simple: true greatness will always be found, focus on perfecting your craft.

About a month ago I heard a song by an artist I had never heard of and I haven’t stopped playing it since. Her name is Jessie Reyez. The song is called “Figures,” and its beauty is in its simplicity. The instrumentation is nothing but a guitar riff and the occasional organ effect. The video is comprised of Jessie sitting in a chair and breaking a guitar. But the power, the pain in the passion of her squeaky yet captivating voice sold me immediately. I knew she had something special. At the time, the song only had about 5,000 views on YouTube with a few thousand streams on Spotify to match. It was heart breaking, but not as heart breaking as the song itself.

“I wish I could hurt you back.   Look, what would you do if you couldn’t get me back?” She painfully croons. It’s hard not to feel the bumps goose up from underneath your skin. Check out the video below and be on the look out for new music from Jessie Reyez in the future.

[youtube id=”wxLUj1Mrars”]