Fresh | AMMO : Rapper | G-Eazy
G-Eazy for AMMO Magazine - Jonne Johnson

Fresh | AMMO : Rapper | G-Eazy

AMMO: What’s Your AMMO?

G-EAZY: My AMMO is my team. They’re all my homies and I’m lucky enough to work with some brilliant people. As a leader, I want to put everything on my back and just go all the way and never want to let them down.

A: Hip-Hop or Rap: What’s your interpretation of the difference between the two?

G: That’s a huge question and you could go on forever about what details define each side. I feel like Hip-Hop traditionally has more of an emphasis on lyrical content and subject matter and rhythmically it can be different. In terms of production, you think of boom bap drums with more of a groove. Rap is more about sub bass and swag. It’s so broad though it’s tough to not go on and on.

A: With your new album, These Things Happen, what can you say was your favorite part about producing this album?

G: Being able to say that I co-produced my own album means a lot to me. Having that freedom to help craft my own sound and aesthetic helps the album flow and maintain a consistent vibe. Also knowing that I took my time with the whole record and didn’t rush it. A lot of times artists get eager when it comes to releasing music. But this time around I wanted to take my time and do it right.

A: Craziest thing you’ve seen on the road?

G: People camped out hella early to be first in line. Actually it’s not weird it’s tight, they’re the most diehard fans. They’re still crazy though, crazy but awesome.

A: Favorite artists growing up.

G: Bay Area legends like E-40, Too Short, Keak da Sneak. I also listened to a lot of 90’s east coast Hip-Hop too though, like Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Biggie, Jay-Z, etc.

A: If you could describe yourself by 1 type of food, 2 colors, and one animal what would you pick?

G: Haha. Steak frites; Black and Sea foam Green, and a giraffe cuz I’m tall as shit.

G-Eazy’s debut album, These Things Happen, is available TODAY on iTunes.

Photography by Jonne Johnson; exclusively for AMMO Magazine. 

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