#FrshAMMO: Sprayground | Clothing Brand
David Ben-David of Sprayground by Matthew Shrier

#FrshAMMO: Sprayground | Clothing Brand

David Ben-David of Sprayground by Matthew Shrier
Photography by Matthew Shrier
Interview by Crystal Hines

What’s your AMMO?
Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” That’s what got me where I am today.

How did growing up in Miami shape your design perspective?
The beach, the surf, the clubs, the freedom, the sun, all had an influence on my designing.

What is the vision behind the Sprayground brand
I always had the entrepreneurial spirit but needed something to create. So enrolled in SVA to fine tune my abilities. After I graduated in graphic and product design I ventured out and found a partner to handle sales and another as my investor.
As I looked into the market I saw that all genres of fashion had been infiltrated but the bag market was lacking creativity. People need bags but not the same old boring black bag. We match our sneakers to our hat, to our tees, even our headphones. But the ever so important bag just sits on our back with no life or swag. So it hit me like a bolt of lighting. Create conceptually designed bags that not just have some cool colors, but transforms the bag into a stylized, compact, sleek accessory that can know match to ones wardrobe.

You collaborated with Coco&Breezy, how did that come to fruition?
We bumped paths at a local trade show – and we hit it off. They’re extraordinarily creative and willing to step outside of the box; which I guess you could say is what were trying to do here at Sprayground.

Laws on street art, how do you feel?
Well, as an artist I think they’re shit. For a lot of people, street art is an avenue of expression and creativity. I feel like the police have better things to do than to arrest kids for doing art. I’d like to open up a place one day with tremendous white walls; a place where young and old can come and go without the worry that their art will land them a trip to the jailhouse.

David Ben-David of Sprayground by Matthew Shrier
Do you think the progression of street art into mainstream is natural or provoked and almost not authentic?
Natural- The underground world is tricky, because nothing stays underground forever. Word catches on, whether it’d be through social media or word of mouth, and the underground slowly emerges from its grimy underworld. The key is to be one step ahead, always looking and getting inspired with fresh ideas. Imagine street art starts out in a small river; eventually it’ll lead to the ocean that is mainstream.

Who are some of your favorite street artists?
Well we did a collab with COPE, I diggin KAWS, RYME, and last but not least Ron English

What’s on your playlist?
Flo Rida, MGK, DeadMau5, Skrillex, Chris Brown, Kid Cudi

What are your top 5 essentials for daily life?
Backpack, iPhone, Kicks, Notebook, Headphones.
What’s next for Sprayground/DBD?
Keep on pecking away and gaining more territory. We have expanded into several countries now. I will continue to grow the Backpack category as well as other shapes like duffles and rucksacks. For this Holiday we are launching a crazy collection of Apple Accessories.

For more from Sprayground go to www.sprayground.com

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