First Look: G-Star Fall 2010 | Hollywood Chess
Magnus Carlsen

First Look: G-Star Fall 2010 | Hollywood Chess

Ebony + Ivory, Peanut Butter + Jelly, Lebron + The Heat. All of these are matches that only make sense in hindsight. For the G-Star Fall 2010 campaigns, Liv Tyler and Magnus Carlsen are the perfect contrast. Liv Tyler, a rockstar’s daughter and beautiful actress, has been the face of G-Star since the Spring of 2010. Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess Grandmaster and the No. 1 in the world; at only age 19. Both fusing greatness from two different worlds for one brand, G-Star.

In support of the Fall/Winter 2010 advertising campaign, G-Star will travel to the Cooper Square Hotel inNew York City on September 10th 2010, to host a global chess competition: The RAW World Chess Challenge. This challenge gives everyone in the world the opportunity to play Magnus Carlsen, together at once, live on the internet. The RAW World Chess Challenge is offering Magnus the opportunity to prove that he truly is the world’s best chess player… but only if he can beat the entire world first! More information on the RAW World Chess Challenge can be found on:

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