Grailed + Supreme

Grailed + Supreme 100 Exclusive Skateboard Deck Artist Collaboration

Grailed + Supreme Kermit-2008
Tomorrow August 16th, the Grailed team in collaboration with Supreme will drop 100 exclusive Supreme Skateboard decks.  The collection includes collaboration with Public Enemy, Harmony Korine, Sean Cliver, Ryan McGuiness, and Chapman Bros.

“Skate decks as modern art is nothing new, but that fact is really hammered home when Supreme’s work, especially collaborations with well-known artists, is viewed all together. Their reputation has always spoken for itself and we’re merely trying to reinforce that with our final Heatwave drop.” – Lawrence Schlossberg,  Grailed Brand Director.

Grailed + Supreme HarmonyKorine-MK-2011

Be sure to head over to Grailed tomorrow at Noon EST for the drop!

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