Hasef — KITCHEN @ Chimento Contemporary
HASEF, Kitchen Exhibit

Hasef — KITCHEN @ Chimento Contemporary

Hasef’s newest solo exhibit, KITCHEN, is currently on display at Chimento Contemporary. This exhibit pays homage to Black hair styling and their connection to Black culture and memory. Lingering in Black households and memories of childhood, Hasef positions these tools as artifacts of Black life. With work surrounding the ideas of Blackness, Hasef’s newest exhibition is celebrates tools that are usually taken for granted, inviting a rethinking of what constitutes blackness as a whole. 



Chimento Contemporary

4480 West Adams Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Pictured: From left to right, Hasef, Line Up, 2019; Hasef, 2 Clippers, 2019; Hasef, Clip It, 2019.