Honestly Brent Faiyaz

Honest. Vulnerable. Passionate. These are the markings of a tactful R&B singer. Give these qualities to an enigmatic person with a predilection for contradiction and you get the talented Brent Faiyaz, a 20-year-old singer from Baltimore making music in Los Angeles for all the right reasons.

Brent’s new EP, A.M. Paradox, provides listeners with a delicate balance of sexual fantasy and emotional nudity. His sultry vocals evoke the feelings we want to ignore but can’t. On his buzzing single he admits, “Girl you do damage to me. You know I love it yeah I love ya. Ain’t nothing better for me now than your poison baby.” His introspective style is what catches your attention. It’s not every day that you listen to an artist so willing to reveal his personal reflections, especially as a man. He furthers this honesty with a skillful and relatable pen.

“I’d be all yours if my mind didn’t wander. I’ve got scars from my life before you,” he croons while begging his paramour not to think he’s “Insecure.” Each song is another provocative exploration into the complications of love. Each song is another journey. And more importantly, each song is honest. Brent Faiyaz is relatively unknown now, but that won’t last long.

Stream A.M. Paradox below.