Jeffrey Gibson "In These Times"

Jeffrey Gibson | In These Times @ Roberts & Tilton

Jeffrey Gibson "In These Times"

Jeffrey Gibson is a Native American and Colorado Springs born artist who grew up in West Germany and South Korea. He studied in Chicago and then later on in London. With all these complexities adding to this identity, Gibson has lived a life feeling like an outsider. This resulted in unending number of questions surrounding his identity. Questions like,  “‘Am I a participant?’ ‘Am I an observer?’ ‘Where do I stand in there?’”

These questions find their answers in “In These Times,” where Gibson is no longer an outsider and is able to create a place for himself at last. The exhibition is composed of six paintings and two sculptures, all of which expose both the beauty and ugliness of Gibson’s history. Bright colors and bold patterns, alongside lyrics and mixed materials, are utilized in showcasing the Native American spirit that springs from Gibson’s work.

“In These Times” by Jeffrey Gibson

September 9th – October 21st, 2017.

Roberts & Tilton

5801 Washington Blvd., Culver City