Jim Carrey | IndigNATION @ Maccarone Gallery (Los Angeles)

Jim Carrey | IndigNATION @ Maccarone Gallery (Los Angeles)


Actor, producer and artist Jim Carrey will present an exhibition of original political cartoon drawings at the Maccarone Gallery called IndigNATION. The creations date back over the past two years, stemming from the November 2016 election of President Donald Trump. They express Carrey’s personal frustrations and disappointment in the current political climate of the United States and were previously only shared on social media. Carrey’s decision to share his drawings with viewers in-person derives from his belief that he must use his status as a public figure to exercise his freedom of speech and disseminate messages calling for action and change.

Carrey’s exasperated political commentary is manifest in the tragic humor of his drawing style and the images depicted. The drawings call attention to the dysfunctional nature of the current administration by poking fun at Trump’s chaotic personality and controversial personal life. Ultimately, they are imbued with an urgency for Americans to reject the corruption and dishonesty of the Trump White House before the government further threatens the very democracy they are supposed to preserve. Fittingly, the exhibition will coincide with the 2018 midterm elections across the country.

IndigNATIONPolitical Cartoons by Jim Carrey, 2016–2018

October 13 – November 10, 2018

300 South Mission Road, Los Angeles, CA 90033