Justin Suazo | Piezo Flora @ Ed. Varie (New York)

Justin Suazo | Piezo Flora @ Ed. Varie (New York)

In Justin Suazo’s debut art exhibition at Ed. Varie, he will present a series of scanned or reprinted paper towels used in the cleaning of colored inkjet printers. The name, Piezo Flora, derives from the Greek “piezein,” fittingly translated to squeeze or press. Suazo’s collection comes from his digital printing studio where paper towels are necessary to soak up ink spills or drips or left under printheads to prevent printers from clogging — the resulting forms are captivating and vibrant.

Suazo’s creations are inspired by the colorings of flowers like orchids or dianthus. By using reactive dye and a steaming treatment, the colors bind to the fibers of the paper towels and become brighter. In replicating this natural process through advanced technological means, he creates a digital-physical flower mutation at the intersection of human, machine, and commercial systems. The oozing, bleeding colored patterns are rendered simultaneously beautiful and contradictory.

Justin Suazo: Piezo Flora

September 27–October 24, 2018

184 E. 7th Street, West Storefront, New York NY 10009