Keith Duncan — The Big Easy @ Fort Gansevoort (New York City)

Keith Duncan — The Big Easy @ Fort Gansevoort (New York City)

Fort Gansevoort is welcoming New Orleans based artist and visual story teller Keith Duncan in a new exhibition titled The Big Easy. The exhibition will include three large scale paintings titled The Wedding and The Funeral, and When The Black Saints Come Marching Inas well as a third body of work titled Black Plight. In the first two paintings, Duncan portrays familiar characters and scenes in a comical and expressive way. Reminiscent of a Renaissance painting, all of the characters in Duncan’s paintings have individual actions and facial expressions, where the focus of the painting could be any one of the many characters.

The painting The Black Saints Go Marching In is a tribute to the first chapter of Robert Farris Thompson’s book Flash of the Spirit, using the New Orlean’s Saints as the subject. In Flash of the Spirit, the author describes the influence of aesthetics of five African civilizations on the art practices of black artists today. Duncan’s painting even features a mask that was pulled form the cover of the book.

The third included body of work, titled Black Plight, includes nine small paintings of historical events divided by time period. including the Reconstruction Era, the Civil Rights Era, and the Black Star Era. Each of the nine paintings creates a larger culmination of African American History, and the progress made over generations.

Using materials, historical references, events and icons, Duncan creates a vivid and multidimensional vision of the American south, specifically New Orleans.

Keith Duncan

January 10 — February 23, 2019 at Fort Gansevoort

5 ninth avenue, New York, NY, 10014