Kevin Bourgeois | Wall of Sound @ Olsen Gruin Gallery (New York)

Kevin Bourgeois | Wall of Sound @ Olsen Gruin Gallery (New York)

Self-taught artist Kevin Bourgeois will present Wall of Sound, an exhibition featuring multimedia works inspired by music, at Olsen Gruin Gallery. The show comprises a selection of collage and acrylic compositions on wood panel. Calling it “a universal cultural language with many diverse incarnations and forms,” Bourgeois’ works have always centered on music. In Wall of Sound, he focuses on the components of visual art that complement and drive musical forms.

The exhibition name derives from record producer Phil Spector’s production methods, where he aimed to create a dense and critical sound that inspires listeners to “perceive each of the different combinations as one distinct sound or form.” Bourgeois implemented this concept through the process of augmentation in creating the body of work seen in Wall of Sound; by embellishing and remixing multimedia elements, he constructs an alternate visual dialogue through abstraction that remains up for interpretation. Through collage, Bourgeois seeks to make each album’s formal narrative more figurative than literal.

The opening reception for Wall of Sound will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 10 from 6–9pm.

Kevin Bourgeois: Wall of Sound 

Oct. 10 – Nov. 18, 2018

30 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002