Mick Jenkins – Wave[s] Listening Party & Art Show

Mick Jenkins – Wave[s] Listening Party & Art Show

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In August of 2014 Mick Jenkins burst onto the scene with his highly coveted project The Water[s], an intricate display of lyricism revolving around one powerful motif, water. Comparing life’s truths to nature’s most crucial component is no easy task, so his music received critical acclaim and got him his first headlining tour in February alongside fellow Cinematic Music signee Kirk Knight. Not bad for a guy who was close to quitting the game. But it gets better, last night we joined Mick as he celebrated the release of his new, but still liquid EP, Wave[s], almost exactly a year after he dropped us in the ocean, and it did not disappoint.

The air was heavy in a room full of media at the Wallplay art gallery in NYC, yet not heavy enough to weigh on Mick as he previewed new music and took questions from the crowd. He sat alongside Hayveyah McGowan, the artist behind all of the artwork on the project, and together they spoke about inspiration, effort, and most importantly, development. The Chi-town emcee is showing us a whole new side this time around. One that’s more melodic, upbeat, and downright catchy, but don’t get it twisted the potency is as important as ever. As he raps on “P’s & Q’s,” “quality is what we seek, I’m not playing ‘till we peak, quintessential to survival is the cunning to compete you picked defeat.” In a slew of alliteration, Mick reminds us why he’s in it.

Check out the new video for “Get Up Get Down” below.

While discussing his process, Mick stressed the importance of making his new music more “organic” and pushing positive vibes.  With love songs like “Your Love” and “40 Below,” he dives into a groovy sound that gets your head bobbing and your mind throbbing.  “Pardon me for standing in your sunshine, lady. Let me parlay with you for the one time, lady. I can promise it’d be a fun time. I ain’t tryna run game, or hit you with a siblime, lady. I want your love, love…” he raps.  Featuring production from ThemPeople and Kaytranada, he croons and glides his way to a solid project.  With his album in the works, we can consider this EP a prelude for what’s to come.  The future looks bright for Mickalas Cage.

Buy Wave[s] here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/wave-s/id1022594241