Trendy Moment: Jackets

Trendy Moment: Jackets

Moment: Jackets

Few things are as anti-climatic as the thought of having to start wearing coats again while you’re still relishing the late summer sun. But, even fewer things set the men apart from the boys like fall dressing.

Lucky you the best thing about getting dressed in early autumn is that it’s easy. You really have to do little more than throw a great cloak over the tee and shorts you were already wearing. So tuck it under your belt, and get ready to go cop one of fall’s must-have jackets.  And, this season there’s a lot to pick from. Everything from military, and both traditional and not-so-traditional pea coats and trenches, to 80’s-inspired leathers are fair game.

The military jacket is great because it adds instant flavor to what you’re wearing. A simple army jacket can make even that dingy white tank you’ve been rocking all summer look interesting again.  As far as pea coats and trenches go, what makes these classics pop this season is hue. Fall is a great time to take cold-weather essentials and dip them in sunny colors.

And while MJ may be gone, his spirit lives on in Thriller-inspired leather pieces that will take you straight into early winter and that look great with almost anything (just let the leather pants stay in your uncle’s closet).

With a simple piece that adds so much panache, getting dressed for fall has never been so effortless. Now the only thing to loathe is floppy hat season.