Nevine Mahmoud

Nevine Mahmoud | f o r e p l a y @ M+B

Nevine Mahmoud

Los Angeles-based artist Nevine Mahmoud’s debut solo exhibition, f o r e p l a y, is now open for viewing at M+B in Los Angeles until December 23rd, 2017. Featuring stone sculptures where borders somehow dissolve just enough to sit somewhere between perplexity and eroticism. In these fluid moments, Mahmoud encourages viewers to inquire about the nature of representation and illusion. The stone that Mahmoud employs is made malleable, shaped, and then sculpted with intuitive logic. She engages with elements of design while simultaneously testing the notions of practicality and functionality.

Using a multifold of approaches, Mahmoud explores her interest in the fragmented body. This is seen in pieces that depict a provocative tongue or figures that form a glistening and buttery peach. The sculptural pieces mirror one another, creating a psychic bond. Some pieces begin where another ends and each sculpture is also made to resemble portals that unfold into worlds themselves.


f o r e p l a y by Nevine Mahmoud

November 11th – December 23rd, 2017.


612 North Almont Drive

Los Angeles, California 90069