Raquel Van Haver — 1101 Delirium @ Jack Bell Gallery (London)
Raquel van Haver, End-Future-100, 2019

Raquel Van Haver — 1101 Delirium @ Jack Bell Gallery (London)

Jack Bell Gallery is presenting works from mixed-media artist Raquel Van Haver’s 1101 Delirium from July 12-26, 2019. Often using her own collected materials from West Africa and South America, Van Haver uses unconventional reused materials to paint stories of the African Diaspora as she has encountered them in her own community. Playing with proportion and spatial boundaries, Van Haver’s work demands attention to the diversity of the Black experience as molded by a history of migration, colonialism, and evolving community. 

1101 Delirium

Raquel Van Haver

July 12 — 29, 2019

Jack Bell Gallery

13 Mason’s Yard, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6BU

Pictured: Raquel Van Haver, Mid-Present-50, 2019