Cover: Sasha Keable | Beauty Issue | Spring 2014
Sasha Keable for AMMO Magazine

Cover: Sasha Keable | Beauty Issue | Spring 2014

Sasha Keable for AMMO Magazine
Photography by Anna Victoria Best
Wardrobe by Cobbie Yates
Make up by Maria Asadi

What’s Your AMMO?

My AMMO is Twice by Little Dragon.

Your EP, Black Book, released last October is a fan favorite thus far. The sound is very R&B. Who were some of the influences for this album?

Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, and Donny Hathaway.

Favorite artists growing up?

Brandy, Blu Cantrell, and Stevie Wonder.

You’re working with Dev Hynes on your debut album. What can we expect with this project?

It’s going be an extension of Black Book and my new EP Lemon Grass & Lime Leaves. I want it to have elements of both sonically, but to have grown lyrically. Dev is a great person to work with, he’s got a great way of knowing what he wants from a song.

Dance music seems to be taking over globally. With artists like you, Sevyn Streeter, and even Solange do you feel true R&B artist may return or has the genre evolved.

I think so, it depends what you want to consider a “real R&B artist” though. Every genre evolves and finds a new path. Hip Hop isn’t the same as it used to be but some people still consider it to be Hip Hop; some people don’t. It’ll be the same for R&B I’m sure.

Would you ever consider writing for other artists?

Yeah for sure, I love writing for other people, it’s one of my aims as a musician.

Who would you love to include on you next project?

Pharrell, I think we could make some sick stuff together.

Sasha Keable for AMMO Magazine

Will you be performing any festivals/tours this year? Coming to the States?

Yeah, I’m performing at Wireless, Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks and a few other things, I will hopefully come to the States soon! I really want move over to New York in the near future.

In conjunction with this issues theme, what would be your definition of “beauty”?

I’m pretty good at finding beauty in most things, I don’t think beauty is defined by someone’s image.

If you could describe yourself by 1 type of food, 2 colors, and one animal what would you pick?

Food: Chille con Carne, Colors: Black and white, and I’m a dog

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