Steven Traylor | 10 Toes With His Chest Caved In @ HVW8 Gallery (Los Angeles)

Steven Traylor | 10 Toes With His Chest Caved In @ HVW8 Gallery (Los Angeles)

As part of its first exhibition in the Emerging Artists Series, HVW8 Gallery presents Steven Traylor’s 10 Toes With His Chest Caved In, chronicling the artist’s experiences living as a black man in Los Angeles. Traylor has created a short film entitled freemyyoungsoul, featuring two young black men grappling with the question of what is truly worth fighting for. The film provokes dialogue and thought about how violence in black communities are not only rites of passage, but are internalized and transcendent in all members of the community, especially black women.

Other images in the exhibit derive from multimedia platforms dating back to Traylor’s early years working in Los Angeles. They explore complexities and intersections of race and sexuality alongside physical, emotional, and societal distresses that he himself faced as an adolescent. The show’s title is informed by the artist’s shared capacity to persevere physically while being continually weighed down by emotional burdens. All in all, Traylor inspires viewers to think critically about the subject matter and its implications on contemporary race relations and life in Los Angeles.

An opening reception for Emerging Artists Series Vol. 1: Steven Traylor was held on September 21.

Steven Traylor: 10 Toes With His Chest Caved In 

September 22 – October 7, 2018

661 N. Spaulding Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036