Tau Lewis — I’m countin’ on you to ground me again @ Night Gallery (Los Angeles)

Night Gallery is presenting artist Tau Lewis in a single-work exhibition titled I’m countin’ on you to ground me again. Featuring “Rover,” a large head made from clothes, curtains, and blankets sewn together. Acting as a conduit between Lewis and her predecessors, “Rover” represents continuing diasporic traditions of resourceful creativity.

Lewis’ process of gathering and recycling is a praxis — engaging in acts that not only engages in care for the environment, but also honors her relationship with the past. “Rover’s” material DNA brings multiple unknown histories into physical connections, and combines Lewis’ figurative and quilt work into one portrait.

Tau Lewis

February 2 — March 2, 2019 at Night Gallery

2276 East 16th Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90021