Tschabalala Self @ Frye Art Museum (Seattle)

Tschabalala Self @ Frye Art Museum (Seattle)

In her first solo museum exhibition in the United States, Conneticut-based artist Tschabalala Self will be presenting works at the Frye Art Museum. Self creates mixed-media figurative works of art featuring “avatars” — exaggerated human figures not based on her nor others — depicting blackness in contemporary culture, particularly the black female body. The figures can be seen running, jumping, touching themselves and contorting their bodies, asserting their autonomy and celebrating the complexities of black identity.

Self uses fabric, scraps of discarded canvases, oil pastels, acrylic paint and charcoal to create her “avatars,” physically bringing them into reality. Self’s exhibition will include paintings, drawings, sculptures, and video that span her burgeoning career.

An opening reception for the exhibition will take place Friday January 25 from 7:30 to 9 pm.

Tschabalala Self

January 26 – April 28 2019 at Frye Art Museum

704 Terry Avenue, Seattle, Washington 98104