Twitter Fingers

Twitter Fingers

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 While we wait for the proverbial beef storm between Drake and Meek Mill to blow over, lets go back a few weeks and figure out why exactly this highly entertaining charade started in the first place. A tweet. Meek Mill casually took to twitter to “hash-tag out” some of his frustrations and stirred media frenzy. Wait what? Drake doesn’t write his own music… You can imagine the look of bewilderment on the faces of just about everyone who likes to run through the six with their woes, people lost their minds. Cue the discourse. Drake responds with two diss tracks, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” Meek fires back with “Wanna Know,” and finally, Drake seemingly ends the ball game with a triumphant performance at OVO Fest. One that included a series of memes poking fun at Meek in front of a sold-out Toronto crowd. Only time will tell what happens from here…

However, we seem to be missing a vital point. This all started because of Twitter. C’mon, twitter? I mean we’re dealing with the weight of someone’s entire career and it hangs in the balance of social media? Think about that for a second. Imagine yourself in the shoes of someone with a million followers, your every move is scrutinized, the opinions of thousands of Joe Schmo’s are at thumbs reach and now you have a bulls eye on your forehead.   The Internet shows no mercy. It’s a free for all out there, and it wasn’t always like this. You think if Eminem and D12 had access to Twitter back in the day they wouldn’t go off on lengthy rants ripping people to shreds? Or if Led Zeppelin got back to their hotel after a rowdy show, they wouldn’t have destroyed the place because of cell phones? No way. Young, angst-ridden artists are what make music worth listening to, the pain, passion and struggle behind the voices of punk rockers all the way to the Philadelphia streets. If you have a voice, use it! Just don’t tweet it.

Check out the tracks from both Drake and Meek below:

“Charged Up” –

“Back to Back” –

“Wanna Know” –