We Are Not The Same: HUNTR Debuts New Video For ‘Veins’

We Are Not The Same: HUNTR Debuts New Video For ‘Veins’


L.A.-based alternative/hip-hop collective, HUNTR, is out to prove one point: they “are not the same.”  With pulsing strings, gripping visuals and a seamless mix of rock and hip-hop elements, “Veins” marks the first release of Gilbere Forte’s new chapter. Alongside longtime collaborator Raak, HUNTR looks to push the boundaries of genre with riveting lyrics and an incessant awareness of self.

“Is that blood or pride running through my veins? Put your hands on me, you gonna see them things, I won’t back down, I don’t feel the pain, that was old flames, I need new ass. I don’t walk the same, I don’t talk the same, I got new friends, I can’t control that,” raps Forte. Fans of Gilbere can only assume those “new friends” include Berkeley-alumni drummer Nick Audy and Karagandy guitarist Boris Likharev, who make-up the rest of the 4-piece band. But after two years of silence from Forte, he’s become difficult to predict.

[youtube id=”9CguIiClrps”]

Fans can find solace in the form of new music. HUNTR looks to release their self-titled album on September 23rd. Stay tuned.