Wilmer Wilson IV — Slim… you don’t got the juice @ Susan Inglett Gallery (New York City)

Susan Inglett Gallery in New York city is presenting a new solo gallery from artist Wilmer Wilson IV titled Slim… you don’t got the juice. Turning expectations of typical portraiture on its head, Wilson IV creates fascinating and complex images, pairing photography and metalwork, in the form of staples, to create shrowds that obscures the underlying figures. Large scale ink drawings, with small ink marks that create larger, “organ-like clusters” feature next to the staple works, which further becomes a speculative veil.

Wilson also employs photography to create motion-blurred images of figures taken at high speeds that scale entire walls. These images will be feature in the second gallery.

Wilmer Wilson IV

January 31 — March 9, 2019 at Susan Inglett Gallery

522 West 24 Street, New York, NY, 10011