Wim Delvoye @ Perrotin New York
Wim Delvoye "Maserati" @ Perrotin New York

Wim Delvoye @ Perrotin New York

wim delvoye

Belgian artist Wim Delvoye’s exhibition is now open for viewing at Perrotin New York. The exhibit showcases a series of metal sculptures and its main centrepiece is titled Maserati. The sculpture is comprised of a late 1950’s Maserati 450S racing car, detailed with eloborative Middle Eastern designs embossed by Iranian artisans.

Another featured work in the exhibit is his piece Twisted Cement Truck which includes a torqued Mercedes cement truck that stretches 12-feet high. It was designed and fabricated over the course of a year by a team of workers and consists of hundreds of lacy fragments of laser-cut stainless steel that have been bolted and welded together. In this exhibition, audience members are continuously in visual contact with Delvoye’s complex, lucid, and amused gaze at contemporary society.

Wim Delvoye

Perrotin New York, Lower East Side.

130 Orchard Street, New York, NY 10002

Opening Saturday September 9 // 6-8 pm

September 9 – October 29