WORN RELICS by Ruby Hoette

WORN RELICS by Ruby Hoette

Ruby Hoette, a Parsons student, is breathing new life into the concept of sustainable clothing. Eschewing hemp, natural cotton and raw wool, her concept encourages you to love, wear and wear out the clothes you already have.

WORN_RELICS is a unique space where the history and future of clothing can be collected and archived.

To join, you need a coded WORN_LABEL—this is your personal password, allowing you to register an item of clothing on www.wornrelics.com and create a profile (a photo and story) which can be continually updated.

To enjoy WORN_RELICS requires a sentimental approach to the clothes you wear, curiosity or even a voyeuristic urge and a little patience. Over time you will be rewarded with a fascinating insight into the way clothes are worn and why.


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