Zachary Canepari

Zachary Canepari | “Flint is a place” @ Bronx Documentary Center

Zachary Canepari

April 26th marks the opening of a new project at the Bronx Documentary Center called, Flint is a place. This project was created by Zachary Canepari and produced by Screen as a comprehensive observation of Flint, Michigan and the perceptions and events related to this area. A wide variety of media has been utilized to make this project including, video, photo, audio, archival materials, graphic design, virtual reality, data visualization and public installation. Flint is a place aims to completely immerse their audience so that they feel they are in Flint rather than learning about it.

The project will be open from April 26th to May 27th.

Bronx Documentary Center

614 Courtlandt Ave, Bronx, NY 10451