Zhang Ruyi — Bonsai @ François Ghebaly (Los Angeles)

Zhang Ruyi — Bonsai @ François Ghebaly (Los Angeles)

François Ghebaly is presenting, in her first solo exhibition in the United States, Shanghai-based artist Zhang Ruyi. Titled Bonsai, Ruyi uses cement, steel, and ceramic tiles to reconfigure the materials to create an environment that collides with architecture, desert flora, and the human body.

Compositionally reorienting the exhibition space, Ruyi uses drywall, tile, and pigmented grout to evoke feelings of two significant domestic locations — the bathroom, and the kitchen. The kitchen, representing hosting, public performance and the extension of the outside world into oneself, juxtaposes against the bathroom, which represents personal and aloneness. Both are associated with cleanliness and soiling.

More titles in this exhibit include a pigmented concrete-cast cactus, which further reflects on the relationship between individual interiority and industrialized society. The cactus features a hard exterior and a wet, parsimonious inside, highlighting the secretive nature of the plant.

Blurring the line between individual hygiene and urban development, Ruyi creates a rich intersection of ones inner and outer self.

Zhang Ruyi

February 2 — March 10, 2019 at François Ghebaly

2245 E Washington BLVD., Los Angeles, CA 90021