Photographer Noémie Tshinanga is a visual thinker in its truest form. Inspired by music and aesthetic, she offers snapshots of the hidden moments that make

Through iterative and interdisciplinary practices, Taja Lindley creates socially engaged artwork that is able to reflect and transform its audience, shift culture and inspire people

Epaul Julien is a self-taught artist and native of New Orleans who captures life through various mediums, including mixed media, paint and photography. In the


Hasef’s newest solo exhibit, KITCHEN, is currently on display at Chimento Contemporary. This exhibit pays homage to Black hair styling and their connection to Black

Aquí vive gente centers the experiences of the people of Puerto Rico’s Puerta de Tierra against urbanization and cultural loss. The storefront display features art,

Brittany Tucker’s solo exhibition Company is opening for display at Steve Turner Los Angeles on July 20th. Featuring a cartoon character alongside realistic self-portraits, Tucker

The Marciano Art Foundation is currently displaying Donna Huanca’s newest project Obsidian Ladder. Using natural materials, Huanca’s exhibit highlights painted femme models among various sculpted

Chicago-based artist Herman Aguirre’s solo exhibition, Tejido, is opening at Steve Turner Los Angeles on July 20. Using material from around the house, Aguirre transforms

The Garden, curated by Sophia Penske, features the works of Greg Ito and Honor Titus to create a fantasy garden—one that explores aesthetic and romanticism

Jack Bell Gallery is presenting works from mixed-media artist Raquel Van Haver’s 1101 Delirium from July 12-26, 2019. Often using her own collected materials from

Kumasi J. Barnett, Police-Man #278Acrylic, marker, pen and oil marker on comic book. Kumasi J. Barnett’s The Amazing Black-Man opens at Lowell Ryan Projects on July