July 10, 2012

Conde Nast University?

You read right that  the Vogue publisher and heavy weight publishing house is joining in on the growing  market on the oldest business out there: education. 

The Conde Nast University is an Arts & Design College set to open up in London’s Soho district. It doesn’t sound like it could get any chicer.  And the price tag reflects that. One year of tution for the fashion geared dipolma is £19,560 ($30,339), Talk about higher education.

This is the first step for publishers to enter the education field.

What do you think? Is it unfair, is it classist? Yea it’s probably classist considering everything. 

But hey it sounds like a good way to get a comprehensive education for all the fashionphiles, and magazine junkies and really learn about the industry from the industry itself.

We’ll see…. Great education or brainwashing scheme from above?


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