Photographer Noémie Tshinanga is a visual thinker in its truest form. Inspired by music and aesthetic, she offers snapshots of the hidden moments that make

Through iterative and interdisciplinary practices, Taja Lindley creates socially engaged artwork that is able to reflect and transform its audience, shift culture and inspire people

Epaul Julien is a self-taught artist and native of New Orleans who captures life through various mediums, including mixed media, paint and photography. In the


Carmen Argote is known for showing a deep connection between herself and the places she inhabits, and her first solo exhibition at New Museum is

Zoë Buckman’s Heavy Rag will be opening tonight at Fort Gansevoort from 6-8 PM. Comprised of various fabric creations, the exhibit calls back to things

Francisco Rodriguez’s Midday Demon uses the imagery of a man amidst a dull urban landscape to represent sites where the “midday demon” — feelings of

Thoughts become words, words become images is bringing together painters, visual artists, musicians, and photographers to highlight the ways literature and art can speak to

Brooklyn-based artist Jon Key’s Violet Alabama reflects on growing up as a Black, queer man in rural Alabama with an emphasis on generational tension. Each

The Stephen Friedman Gallery has its second edition of Multiple on display, featuring new works by artists David Shrigley, Deborah Roberts, Andreas Eriksson, and Denzil

On September 14, Regen Projects is opening Theaster Gates’ Line Drawing for Shirt and Cloak, Gates’ second solo exhibition. Comprised of large metal structures, wood

In February James’ A Place to Belong, the gallery becomes the art. James’ solo exhibit is an all-immersive set complete with portraits, paper sculptures, and